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5 awesome free tools for entrepreneurs

Posted by Almabase on Mar 1, 2016 2:50:12 PM

I do not want to sound rhetorical by mentioning the obvious ones like the four killer freemium services of Google (Gmail,  Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Calendar).

Instead, I wanted to list great freemium tools that are not as popular as the above.

In addition to spreading the word about these tools, this blog post is to thank all the folks behind these awesome tools – You are awesome. A big thank you for such wonderful product.

1. Asana – Task and project management 

Out of all the tools I am listing here, if I have to pick one , then it’s Asana. Asana is super neat, flexible and most importantly very versatile. At AlmaBase, we use Asana for many different things - managing our projects, organizing our releases , as sales CRM,  managing meeting agenda, listing out interesting articles and more.  Asana really helps our team be more organized and productive

Try it out -  It’s free up to 15 members.


2. Prezi – A zooming presentation tool

Zooming presentations created on prezi are zillion times more interesting and engaging than the PowerPoint presentations. Unlike power-point, it’s non-linear and you have lot of flexibility to explain your ideas in a very interesting way.  Compared to PowerPoint,  there is a steep learning curve but I feel it’s worth it.

Try it out – You can create unlimited presentations and the only catch is they will be publicly visible.


3. MailChimp – Email Marketing campaigns

For Email Marketing Campaigns, MailChimp is like what Google is for search. Its neat, interface is extremely good and does a really good job.

Try it out – You get to send 12,000 emails/mo for up to 2000 subscribers for free.


4. BitBucket – Code hosting for Git

Main advantage over GitHub is you get to keep you code private. UI is decent, reliable and their light weight code review tool is good.

Try it out – Its free for 5 users.


5. Fotor, Canva and

If you don’t have a in-house graphic designer, then these  three tools together will fill that void – They will help you create neat posters and info-graphics for marketing in very little time.

Try them –


I wanted to keep this list to 5. Otherwise, I would have listed for Site Monitoring, for Video Hosting, for feedback widget and many more

Lets us know  any such great free tools for entrepreneurs.