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Alumni giving made easy

Posted by Almabase on Mar 1, 2016 2:57:06 PM

Dear alumni relations officers, today we are excited to announce a critical integration that would make giving back to the Alma mater easier than ever. Your alumni can donate to a fund or make a payment towards the institution in a swish. Almabase has integrated PayPal payment gateway in the alumni websites. All institutions, colleges and universities using websites powered by Almabase can now receive payments through PayPal with their merchant accounts.

Why is this necessary? An astounding 165 million users across the globe are using PayPal for their financial transactions. In addition, here are a few advantages of using a payment gateway:

  • Transactions are safe, secure and transparent
  • They are captured automatically and retrieving reports is simple
  • Most importantly, payments can be done through mobile
  • Plus a lot more!

52% of millennial alumni are ready to give back to their Alma mater every month. If we have to speak matter-of-factly: get the wind behind you officer!

It just makes sense to help your alumni by making giving much easier.