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Posted by Almabase on Mar 1, 2016 2:52:57 PM

At Almabase, we started our operations with an ambitious goal – to empower every academic institution in the world to create their own thriving alumni fraternity. We have come quite far. Today, we see our customers enjoying their well-connected alumni networks – reunions, alumni meets, jobs, fund raisers and so on. It gives us great pleasure to be able to provide the technology to make it happen. This only builds up our commitment and responsibility to all the academic institutions. With proven results, we are confident that building an alumni site with Almabase will change the course of an institute.


When an academic institution embarks on a journey of transformation with us, they will launch their alumni site in the first fourteen days. Then invitations would fly across to gather the fraternity together. Gradually, as the institution starts to experiment with our powerful features such as the effective communication suite, job portal, map search, payment gateway and so forth, they will see new possibilities unravel before them.


While we have made an impact to our existing customers, we know that many others continue to struggle on this front. With this thought predominant in our minds, we questioned ourselves: how can we further remove entry barriers to catapult customer success?

So, today we are proud to announce something bold. Going forward, Almabase is completely free (including setup, hosting, maintenance & support) until 20% of the alumni fraternity registers on the website! Every institution will have Almabase’s full suite experience with access to all features. We primarily focus on facilitating and adding value to your alumni relations. We are confident that as a new customer, you will receive compelling results and will swiftly recognize the massive return on investment offered by Almabase.


We take this very important step for improved access, uncompromised customer success and superior satisfaction. One day, not far off, we’d all be part of thriving alumni fraternities, growing and nurturing talents with our respective institutions, for a future that is truly empowered.