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From scholarships to research: How NIT Warangal reshaped alumni relations

Posted by Almabase on Mar 1, 2016 2:52:18 PM

At a time when the institute and its alumni seemed quite far apart, a group of people started reaching out to past students with one goal in mind - to gather funds on behalf of some financially challenged students at NIT Warangal. This small group saw that a powerful resource known as the alumni of NIT Warangal was never tapped into to collaborate with. Simple conversations led to tangible results. From that humble beginning started the growing story of The Lakshya Foundation.

Currently headed by Anand Rajagopalan, Civil Engineering, batch of 2008, Lakshya Foundation has undergone several transformations and has earned the trust of students and faculty alike to become what it is today. The Lakshya Foundation’s primary motive was to bridge the gap between the institute and its alumni. They understood the potential of alumni support and harnessed it through viable channels.

Their prime focus was to build a trusting relationship among the three groups: students, alumni and faculty; then to leverage this bond to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem at NIT Warangal.

Through this synergic relationship, The Lakshya Foundation has been able to accomplish a lot that has diffused into the students’ culture at NIT Warangal. Here are some of their signature initiatives:

NIT Warangal Alumni Donates for scholarships through Lakshya


The Lakshya Foundation holds on to what it started with in 2008 and continues to provide scholarships as interest free loans to undergraduate students after verifying their financial background and other information. The institute’s alumni have been the backbone in funding this initiative.

Innovation projects

Once every semester in NIT Warangal, The Lakshya team puts out an open invitation for students to submit their innovative project ideas. After scrutiny by a panel of experts (mostly alumni and faculty), they are guided and supported by various alumni through the entire process, from making a prototype to pushing the product into the market.

 Patent filed with support from alumni donations through Lakshya

System automation in campus

Lakshya Foundation together with Web and Software Development Cell (WSDC) of NIT Warangal implemented the automated transcript request system. This was a major achievement because alumni could easily go online to request for transcripts or other types of certificates/documents and get them delivered to their doorstep.


One of Lakshya’s unique initiatives to promote a ‘hacker mindset’ in campus is the Hackathon. With three previous editions so far, students and faculty have caught on to this tradition where they work on problems and try to come up with solutions within 24 hours. The most attractive aspect is that many alumni (Subject Matter Experts, Startup CEOs and others) have come together with proposals for problem statements and have visited the institute for the first time years after graduation.

  NIT Warangal Hackathon organised by Lakshya Foundation

Innovation Garage

Innovation Garage (IG) was established in NIT Warangal quite recently with the support of some faculty along with The Lakshya Foundation. The prime motive behind this was to nurture the love for technology that students expressed through Hackathons, automated systems in campus and so forth. 

Research Facilitator Program (RFP)

Some star students of NIT Warangal have been chosen to present papers in world famous conferences and to work under professors of prestigious global universities. In certain occasions, monetary issues have been obstacles to this dream for those students. Lakshya’s idea to facilitate the students’ research program with aid from alumni has become a reality. Many students have benefitted from this program. One of Lakshya’s commitments is to drive the chosen students to contribute for the RFP when they become alumni. 

Currently, The Lakshya Foundation is running the latest fund raiser program for the RFP and you can find the status here:

This is how The Lakshya Foundation ushered in new change at NIT Warangal with the support of alumni. The path has indeed been prosperous for alumni, faculty and students. We are particularly happy to share this story to emphasize yet again on what we believe in: the institute and the alumni – it is a beautiful relationship!