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Open help policy for startups and entrepreneurs

Posted by Almabase on Mar 1, 2016 2:51:55 PM

The startup ecosystem is pretty awesome. Some amazing people have helped us along the way selflessly and we want to thank them for it. To name a few, Raghuram Trikutam (Freecharge), Anand Rajagopalan(Lakshya), Vijay Sagar Vinnakota (Ex-Althea), Mayank Bidawatka (Ex-Redbus) and many more. We’re very inspired by them and we want to follow suit. The primary reason for this post is to make this extremely clear and open.

Anybody in the startup community can reach out to us for any kind of help with their startup and we vow to do the best we can to help them.

A bit about us:

We started Almabase in Feb 2014 with the vision of empowering every single college to build a thriving alumni fraternity for themselves. More than 30 colleges are now using our product including the best colleges from various disciplines (including couple of foreign universities). We have recently raised a seed round from angel investors. We are currently a 6 member team and growing.

We’re by no means experts at building startups but we have learnt a lot along the way and we will continue to do so. Most of you might be much better at most things than us but if you do think that you need our help or specific advice on things like incorporation, fund raising, recruitment, MVP, technology, product strategy, etc or if you just want to drop by our office to bounce off your idea with us, you are most welcome.

You can reach out to us at, Our office is located behind Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore.

PS: Please understand that our company is still our number one priority so we may not always be immediately available. But we will surely get back.

- Srihari and Kalyan